Are We Still Afraid of the Dark?

Episode 7: The Tale of the Captured Souls

A family moves to a small house in the summer where they befriend a young man, and start feeling weaker every day.

– We discuss how flawed Alexa is…sometimes.  

– This week we rewatch The Tale of Caputured Souls.

We are surprised to see an actually working actress in this episode. (Barbara Eve Harris plays Sally Sullivan).

-We discuss the plot holes on this episode, mainly why Dani never called the police when it was clear that Peter had sucked the live out of multiple people.  She is letting a serial killer walk free. 

-Ashley can’t remember the word chamber and calls Peter’s machine a tunnel?  Tube? Something. 

“Bangs up to the sky!” 

-Ashley gets real aggresive talking about Peter’s hair. 

-Ashley just won’t let Danny live letting a murderer go free.  

-“Prime Time Radio Shack Time.”

Listen now to find out what else we discuss!  


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