Are We Still Afraid of the Dark?

Episode 8: The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors

Original Air Date: October 3, 1992

Emma and DayDay Toll discover their new neighbours only come out at night and have blood in their basement.

  • The actress that plays Emma was in Billy Madison, but unfortunately was not the classmate that Billy was sitting next to in science class as Ashley previously thought.

-Ashley makes the ultimate dad joke about DayDay’s name.

-We get on a discussion about why things are scarier at night especially as children.

-We talk about people watching and how its fun to create stories for random people. 

-We question whether Emma is a serial killer in training. Ashley compiles a list of reasons.

-We discuss all the red flags, including the old lock on a freezer situation.  

-Emma has issues with her dad that needs to be addressed.  

-We talk about the interesting eastern European accents in this episode. 

Listen now to find out what else we discuss!  


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