Episode 70: Beethoven (1992)

In this episode:

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A slobbering St. Bernard becomes the center of attention for a loving family, but must contend with a dog-napping veterinarian and his henchmen.

Our predictions: Will it hold up?

Ryan- Yes!

Ashley- Yes!

Things we discussed in this episode:

-We had some technical difficulties because our office is possibly haunted by a ghost baby. 

-We reminisce about watching a VHS so much that the cardboard box starts to fall apart. 

– Another film franchise where the sequel is clearly better. (Ashley’s opinion at least.).

-We discuss Rupert (our beloved producer) and how he recently got in a little bit of hot water with the law. 

-Ashley was sure if Charlie Sheen was in 1993’s Three Musketeers.  He was. Also Chris O’Donnell so….you know it’s good?

-The ‘Well Hello There’ category has some surprising cameos to discuss.

– We forgot that David Duchovny was in this movie. You can hear all our thoughts on David Duchovny on our crossover episode with 88 Miles Per Hour Podcast.  

– “Cowboy printed cowboy boots.”  -Ryan

– This movie prompts Ashley to add a new subcategory. It might just stick around for future episodes, who knows. 

-Beethoven in bed with George makes us questions everything about the Newton’s ‘Saturday nights.’ 

-We discuss the age difference between Bonnie Hunt and Charles Grodin. 

-Ryan mentions Charles Grodin having a talk show.  He did from 1995- 998 on CNBC called The Charles Grodin Show.  

– Ryan really goes hard on David Duchovny.  

-Don’t forget to join The Ruiners Club! Our October bonisode is coming soon!

Award Winners:

Ryan: The “Cagey”– David Duchovny (Brad)

The “Hanxy”– Charles Grodin (George).

Ashley:  The “Cagey” – Charles Grodin (George).

The “Hanxy”– Sarah Rose Karr (Emily).

Does it hold up?

Ryan: Yes!

Ashley: Also, yes!

Facts from 1992:

  • This movie was released on April 3rd, 1992.
  • Hit TV Shows:
    • Cheers
    • Full House
    • Rescue 911
  • Hit Songs:
    • “Save the Best for Last” by Vanessa Williams
    • “To Be With You” by Mr. Big
    • “Jump” by Kriss Kross
  • Hit Movies: 
    • Home Alone 2 (some would say its better than the original)
    • Batman Returns
    • Lethal Weapon 3
  • Where you can stream it:
    • Starz (subscription), DirectTV?
    • Rent/Buy on various streaming services.



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