Are We Still Afraid of the Dark?

Episode 9: The Tale of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Original Air Date: October 10, 1992

 Dean, a troubled student, awakens an ancient secret hidden in the school.

-We reveal what show we are discussing on our October TV Bonisode for The Ruiners Club. Coming soon!!

-Ashley can’t say humans.  

-Alix with an I.

-This was another Betty Ann Tale.  

-Jafar’s staff makes a cameo. 

-Ashley and Ryan can’t remember how the spell Dean was under was broken, but Ashley is sure Alix had something to do with it.  

-“Why does it have to be a children?”  – Ashley 

-We have questions about this episode that never seem to get answered.

-Goth apparently has the same mobility as Bruce Wayne in Batman (1989).  

-Black turtlenecks are a requirement for any good cult. 

-We discuss Frank’s not so great prank at the beginnng of the episode. 

– We disagree on our awards.  

-We want more backstory on Goth, and honestly can’t remember if Dr. Oliver says anything about him in her presentation.

Listen now to find out what else we discuss and if we give this episode an enthusiastic Betty Ann thumbs up or a reluctant Eric!


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