Are We Still Afraid of the Dark?

Episode 14: The Tale of the Final Wish

Original Air Date: June 19th, 1993

An adolescent girl who loves fairy tales learns that they are not what they are cracked up to be.

We are back with a new season! 

-We discuss the kind of big name cameo in this second season episode. 

-The character Panic (Disney’s Hercules) was voiced by Matt Frewer (A Ruining Our Childhood Podcast Award winner, duh.) 

-Ashley is pissed that IMDB didn’t have the actors who played Stacy and Rick on this episode.  Hours of internet searches has concluded that Rick was played by an actor named Andrew W. Walker. He is credited for two more future AYAOTD episodes and ALL OF THE HALLMARK MOVIES.  Worth it! 

-We get into a discussion about how one of the themes of this episode is to have children conform. 

-We talk alot of trash about Jill’s family and friends. 

-We go on a bit of tangent about the popularity of Troll dolls. 

-“Google Bret Hart Sunglasses.” – Or click this link. 

Things that Jill’s brother thinks makes you an adult:

  1. Listening to the radio

2. Going to concerts 

-“Who gets that dressed up to go to the library?”  

-We question whether the Sandman is evil or just doing us all a favor.

“Tempo Keeper thingy from music class”

-Lesson to be learned from this episode: CONFORM children!

-We discuss how we are changing this podcast to bi-weekly! Next episode January 30th.

Listen now to find out what else we discuss and if we give this episode an enthusiastic Betty Ann thumbs up or a reluctant Eric!


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