Episode 81: The Day After Tomorrow (2005)

In this episode:

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Jack Hall, paleoclimatologist, must make a daring trek from Washington, D.C. to New York City to reach his son, trapped in the cross-hairs of a sudden international storm which plunges the planet into a new Ice Age.

Our predictions: Will it hold up?

Ryan– No.

Ashley- NO.

Show Notes:

-We discuss how we stole this movie. (Sorry, Dad!)  

– Like any good apocalyptic movie this has a large cast! 

– We learn that paleoclimatologist is a real thing. 

-Jake’s hair…

“Red is bad. Magenta is terrible.”  

– We discuss how the whole government wanting to deny science was really hitting too close to home. 

-Magic tent? 

– Ryan wants to know how that Russian ship got to be in front of the library…and where are all the people? 

-Global Warming: The Movie 

– That third cup scene. 

-We are surprised by the CGI.

Award Winners:

Ryan: The “Cagey”– Kenneth Walsh ( Vice President Becker)

The “Hanxy”– Jake Gyllenhaal (Sam Hall)

Ashley:  The “Cagey” – Dennis Quaid (Jack Hall)

The “Hanxy”– Jake Gyllenhaal (Sam Hall)

Does it hold up?

Ryan: Yes.

Ashley: No.

Movie Facts of 2004:

This movie was released on May 28th 2004.

Hit TV Shows:

  • CSI: Miami
  • Without A Trace
  • Survivor

Hit Movies:

  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • National Treasure
  • Bourne Supremacy

Hit Songs:

  • “Burn” – Usher
  • “Goodies” – Ciara ft. Petey Pablo
  • “Lean Back” – Terror Squad ft. Fat Joe & Remy Ma



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