Ryan is a human man. He likes sports and other things. He likes collecting wrestling figures. He is a scorpio and agrees with his wife a lot.


Ashley is a human woman. She has strong opinions on music. She is a Leo, but doesn’t like being the center of attention. She disagrees with her husband a lot.


Rupert is not a human. He is a dog, but he is a good boy. He is the producer of this podcast and sometimes you can hear him in the background giving critiques.


Quinn is dog, or is she? Why are you asking so many questions about her? She doesn’t want you to know anything. She is an executive producer but would deny any association with Ruining Our Childhood podcast.

About Ryan & Ashley

Ryan and Ashley here! We are a married couple whose love for watching and discussing movies has always been a huge part of our relationship. We decided to start Ruining Our Childhood after rewatching a nostalgic favorite and realizing that time has not been kind to some movies. Not to mention our rather large DVD collection was collecting dust because of our increased use of streaming services. We love rewatching movies and making this podcast together and hope you enjoy listening!